Preparing For College


Preparing for College
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Paying for College
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Timeline for Preparing
  It’s never too early to prepare for success in college. Get ready by working hard in your classes in middle and high school. Get involved in outside activities, explore your interests and develop your skills.

Recommended classes:

Strong candidates for Alabama’s Independent Colleges should complete:
  • Four years of English (with an emphasis on writing)
  • A mathematics-intensive class every semester (especially in the senior year)
  • Three or more years of science (including at least one year of laboratory science)
  • Three or more years of social science
  • Two or more years of a foreign language
  • Several courses in the arts

Get involved in outside activities

Participation in extracurricular activities demonstrates a broad range of interests and the ability to manage time — both keys to a successful college experience. So get involved. Participation in team or individual sports shows your persistence and discipline. Involvement in community service projects or other volunteer work shows willingness to contribute to the well-being of your neighbors. Active involvement in the school newspaper, special interest clubs, the debate team or the band, demonstrates commitment and develops your talents.

Talk to your parents and counselors

Take advantage of opportunities to talk with your parents and school counselor about your interests and goals. They can help you make the connection between your interests, education, and career options.

Start saving

By saving and budgeting now for college, you can limit spending and borrowing during the college years. Talk with your family about making it a priority!