AAICU Legislative Priorities


 Alabama's independent colleges and universities would like you to join us in showing our appreciation to members of the legislature for their support state supported scholarships and grants for higher education.  Without scholarships and grants, many students could not afford the cost of higher education.

AAICU Priorities:

1.  Alabama Student Grant Program:
Since 1978, when it was created by an act of the Alabama Legislature, the Alabama Student Grant program has provided grant-in-aid to Alabama residents for undergraduate attendance at independent colleges in the State.


The Legislature authorized a maximum grant of $1,200 per student each year, but the highest maximum payment was $948 in 1994-95.  The maximum payment is determined by dividing the total amount appropriated, minus an amount retained by ACHE to administer the program, by the number of awards provided to eligible students (full-time equivalent).  However, the average amount awarded per student is about 25% less than the maximum.  In most years this amount does not even cover the costs of a student’s textbooks!

A fully funded ASGP would:
*  Leverage dollars spent to produce Alabama college graduates at a fraction of the cost
*  Directly save the state $294 million each year
*  Bring Alabama students in line with similar programs in bordering states and helps stop loss of graduates out of state 

For more information on ASGP- Click Here

2.  Alabama Student Assistance Program:

Alabama's only need-based grant for undergraduate students who are Alabama residents attending eligible Alabama institutions. State/federal grant ranging from $300 to $2,500 per academic year.

For more information on the ASAP- Click Here.
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